Who is the treatment for?

Brow Zhuzh Eyebrow Conditioning Treatment is for those who suffer from sparseness or damage to their brows due to over-waxing/tweezing, stress or aging.  

What does it do?

It nourishes, conditions, hydrates and promotes good circulation and oxygen flow to the hair follicle to help promote healthier, fuller brows. 

When can I expect to see results?

Results may vary depending upon current brow condition and use.  Typically, one can expect to see results around 6-8 weeks with consistent use (2x daily).


How do I use it?

Brow Zhuzh Eyebrow Conditioning Treatment is designed to be used twice daily and incorporated into your daily skin routine at the treatment stage of your regimen but before moisturizer. It works best on clean skin to allow for maximum product penetration.

Can I wear makeup?

Yep! Just allow 5-10 minutes after application before applying makeup.  

Can I use this if I have microblading?

As a conditioning treatment, Brow Zhuzh is great for all brows. 

Can I just use castor oil? 

Of course you can. However, our treatment was designed specifically to be light-weight while still being effective. Unlike castor oil, it can be used both day and night and absorbs so that it does not interfere with other products or makeup.

I have sensitive skin. Is this safe for me to use? 

Brow Zhuzh has been allergen tested within a small case study including 75 participants with no issues.  However, our serum contains extract from the saw palmetto fruit tree. So to be safe, we advise against using our treatment if you have a known fruit allergy.  If you still have concerns, we recommend checking out our full list of ingredients prior to purchasing.  

Ca I use this after brow lamination? 

Brow Zhuzh is great for use after chemical processes like brow lamination. This process requires after-care to condition and hydrate brows to ensure they remain healthy and don’t become dry, brittle and damaged.  Using BZ as the final step in the lamination process and as home-care is essential for optimum hair health.